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85.00% Customer Retention Rate ! (28/03/2014)
The rates will be applied per source word except Japanese, Chinese and Korean which the rates per character.
The price will be quoted based on the word count, rather than the total playback time of the media.
Transcription service will be mandatory if you don't furnish the manuscript or the audio-typed text.
Can provide the manuscript, without its timecord? OK, we'll handle it!
Per minute pricing applied to the source media.
Deliberable: Subtitle File
A 50% deposit of the fees will be required, unless otherwise stated in a written document.
We have offered many Japanese translations to our clients world-wide. Please contact me and you may find our past products in the relevant fields.
For the business will mostly be dealt online, we place numerous efforts to improve our security. (i) All of our web pages are encrypted with SSL. (ii) The data provided by you can be accessed as needed basis. (iii) E-mails sent from us will be digitally signed. (iv) Every partner of ours has entered into a confidentiality agreement.
The price will be suited subject to your order according to the field, volume and time frame of the translation. Compared to other translation agencies, we adopt more restricted range of services, enabling us to offer quality translations at a fair price!

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